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Kannukkul Nilavu 2000 | My Duty | Vijay | Shalini | Kaveri | Raghuvaran | Srividya

Kannukkul Nilavu 2000

Khatrimaazaa Rating: 3/5

Release date: 14 January 2000

Starring : Vijay, Shalini, Kaveri, Raghuvaran, Srividya

Directed by: Fazil

Produced by: Mohan Natarajan

Distributed by: Ayngaran International

South Indian Movies

Kannukkul Nilavu 2011 is a romantic psychological thriller south Indian movie starring Vijay, Shalini, Kaveri, Raghuvaran, and Srividya are in the main role. 

This movie is based on a story of a psychological patient who is sicked by the unconditional love with a strange girl. 

This movie was released as the name of My Duty in the Hindi language. 

This movie is produced by Mohan Natarajan and distributed by Ayngaran International.

Kannukkul Nilavu 2000 | My Duty | Vijay | Shalini | Kaveri | Raghuvaran | Srividya


Gautam Prabhakar (Vijay) is scanning for Gayathri (Kaveri) who was an honest young lady that continued coming to him for the help of numerous sorts. 

He runs over Surya and Chandra (Charlie and Dhamu) and Hema (Shalini). 

They endeavor to swindle Gautam (in the same way as other others) yet flop in doing as such. 

Hema at long last understands that he may really have an ailment. 

She and her dad, Dr. Rajsekhar (Raghuvaran) endeavor to enable him to out. 

In the wake of examing his' subliminal personality, Raghuvaran discovers that he's torment from split identity and has overlooked a lot of things. 

Raghuvaran discovers that he has not come to Pondicherry looking for Gayathri but rather he's searching for Shanmugham ("Thalaivasal" Vijay) and his two companions, Sounder and Prakash ("Nizhagal" Ravi) whom Gautam feels have slaughtered Gayatri, however, who is in reality still alive. 

Hema and her dad don't fix Gautam immediately, expecting that he may wind up serious on the off chance that he understands reality and turns into an executing neurotic. Hema goes gaga for Gautam. 

His mom (Srividhya) is stressed over her child's circumstance, so she comes to where he is at. 

In light of the adoration appeared by his mom, Gautam gradually recuperates all the missing insights regarding why and how he got to where he is. 

He embarks to execute the three individuals and prevails with regards to social affair two of them. 

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In any case, because of him needing every one of the three of dead immediately and an arrangement made by the whole group, Gautam understands reality. 

Gautam begins another existence with Hema after his mom and her dad's acknowledgment.

Why Watch

You can watch this movie because of the thriller and psychological insight of its story. 

This movie begins to find the lover of a psychological patient and later moves towards an interesting story. 

If you are the fan of superstar Vijay, so, I am sure you will like this movie very much. 

After saw this movie, share some of your experience with us by comment below.


Khatrimaazaa Rating: 3/5

Reviewed by Khatrimaazaa
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